With a Real Estate Investment worth $ 250,000
You can become a Turkish citizen!

Turkish Citizenship

Government of the Republic of Turkey to foreigners who invest $ 250,000 in real estate in Turkey Turkey Citizenship gives

Support from Start to Finish!

We manage real estate appraisal, purchase process, application for citizenship and all processes

New Projects

We are investigating for you the real estates that you will purchase to obtain citizenship

Fast, Easy, Reliable

Quick, easy and safe advice for getting Turkish citizenship

Experienced Team

Experienced support team in the process of property acquisition and naturalization

Profitable Investment

The real estate you receive will also give you a lucrative investment benefit

How to Become a Turkish Citizen with Real Estate Investment?

Become a Turkish Citizen with 3 Years of Investment

The duration of all investments is only three years. investments made after three years with the condition get back to the same legal return you can be a Turkish citizen but also your spouse and 18 to children under the age will be a Turkish citizen, 18 years or older in your family life in Turkey will have the right of permanent life.

To be included in the program do not have to live in Turkey, after three years can get back with legal interest your money, you can remove your hand Estates Turkish citizenship, you will continue throughout your life, your spouse, and 18 to children under the age will be a Turkish citizen. You also do not have to exit the nationality of the country you are a current citizen.

Benefit from our Consultancy Services

If you decide whether you want to invest in the real estate we offer to you or not, we will perform all the legal procedures that should be done in order to obtain Turkish citizenship if you receive consultancy services from us..

Let's Find What You Need

Offers an optional Real Estate Search service to find the ideal property, with experts to help you complete the legal process from property searches to purchase of real estate.

Purchasing and Citizenship Process

If you want to determine first whether the property you'll invest our size we suggest the structure of real estate investments if you get the counseling us it makes no difference within your mandate all legal procedures to be done for Turkey citizenship of recovery we will perform.



Projects carefully selected, suitable for your investment.